ESD offers environmental services in three broad areas:

  • Land Development
  • Erosion, Flooding and Drainage
  • Ponds and Drainage Features

Land Development

When a developer proposes a project, making claims about the effects that a development will have on downstream receiving waters, it is critical to get a second opinion backed by expertise and long experience with the technicalities of environmental science. At the request of a community group, property owner, or attorney, ESD Associates will review and analyze a developer's presentation in order to evaluate the true consequences of a given development.

Sometimes ESD’s analysis shows that development is in compliance with stormwater and drainage requirements. ESD can then educate the community about how to hold the developer accountable for carrying out these requirements throughout the construction phase and beyond.

In other cases, ESD Associates determines that the developer is not following the rules, or is misrepresenting the environmental benefits and/or costs of the project. If the developer could or should do more to protect a downstream resource, ESD Associates outlines remedies and areas of compromise, such as changes to the developer's plans. If the community is not satisfied, ESD could advise pursuing legal action, supporting its claims through expert testimony.

Erosion, Flooding and Drainage

ESD Associates solves flooding, erosion and drainage problems encountered by communities and individual property owners. We will perform a preliminary assessment, work with communities, individuals and / or attorneys to assess responsibility, develop solutions and construction plans, obtain permits and perform inspections to ensure that solutions are properly implemented.

Ponds and Drainage Features

In 1984 Maryland began to require stormwater management (SWM) for development projects. Developers and land owners complied primarily by building ponds, some of which are now in need of maintenance or repair. Many communities are unaware that they are responsible for maintenance and are liable for damage if a pond embankment fails.

ESD Associates can assess your community's ponds and other drainage structures to develop a prioritized maintenance and repair schedule. We design repairs, obtain relevant permits, help select a contractor, oversee construction, and provide government-required documentation.

Pond repairs fall into three categories: structural, functional or aesthetic. Structural repairs involve restoring or replacing spillways, repairing dam settlement and sinkholes, fixing cracked concrete outlet works and restoring eroded areas. Functional repairs may include vegetation removal, unclogging drains, removing sediment build-up and / or reconfiguring older facilities to increase pollutant removal efficiency. Aesthetic improvements may involve regrading, vegetation management, landscaping, or reconfiguring to provide wetlands or open water.

At the community of North Gate Hall in Baltimore County, for example, Daniel O’Leary assessed leakage from a pond dam caused by rusting spillway pipes. Dan designed a replacement spillway, led the effort to obtain permits, and oversaw construction. As a result, the pond embankment is like new and should last at least thirty years without major maintenance.