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Red stamps located in the lower right hand corner of the title sheet indicate MDE's approval of this UMBC Parking Lot #29 project designed by Carroll Engineering, Inc. and expedited by ESD Associates.

Large culvert

Large culvert designed to minimize floodplain and wetland impacts while providing wildlife passage as part of meeting JPA commitments on Maryland's Intercounty Connector highway project.


Permit Expediting is when a consultant is hired to provide feedback on permit applications and shepherd a project through the permit process of either Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) or Baltimore City. ESD Associates has staff authorized to perform MDE and Baltimore City Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) plan review expediting, and MDE Nontidal Wetland and Waterway Permit (Joint State and Federal Permit, a.k.a. JPA) consulting and expediting.

Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM)

ESD staff performs ESC and SWM permit review expediting on behalf of MDE and Baltimore City enabling applicants to obtain approvals for ESC and SWM more quickly than typical reviews by MDE or City employees. Dan O'Leary (ESD) - while Plan Review Chief at MDE - and the late Raja Veeramachaneni -formerly Maryland State Highway Administration, Highway Hydraulics Division Chief - established the framework for enabling plan review expeditors at MDE back in 1991-ish. At the time Dan was MDE's plan review chief and Raja / SHA was Dan's biggest and most demanding client. Because MDE did not have the resources to react quickly to project submittal demands, Dan and Raja began a pilot program under which SHA consultants, through contracts managed by Raja and paid for by SHA, would travel to MDE and review plans on-site at MDE under the Plan Review Chief's (Dan's) supervision. This was, and still is, a win-win scenario in many respects, primarily by helping applicants get ESC and SWM approvals more quickly.

ESD staff performs several ESC and SWM reviews per month as permit expeditors for State and Federal projects at MDE, e.g. a new building at NASA in Greenbelt, UMBC in Catonsville, a solar project at NIH in Poolesville, and a new child care center at NIH in Bethesda. Examples of Baltimore City ESC and SWM review expediting include a water quality restoration project at Library Square Park, a building redevelopment Franklin Lofts and Flats, adding rail lines and regrading at CSX in South Baltimore, new buildings and site development at Penn Square and the Mary Harvin Transformation Center. The list goes on. The bottom line is that if your project needs local expertise in ESC or SWM you can call on ESD Associates.

Wetlands and Waterways

One of the most common comments from Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) on initial reviews of MDE's and the US Army Corps of Engineers' (USACE) Joint Permit Applications (JPA) is that the application is incomplete. How frustrating is that to an applicant who has paid good money for well-intended permit application preparation, only to submit the JPA to MDE, and, after waiting up to the maximum 45 day period, find out that the application review cannot move forward? Even worse, find out that there is a technicality and that the application must be revised and resubmitted, stopping the clock on the entire review process? ESD has the solution. Before Danielle Spendiff joined ESD she performed environmental assessments and JPA applications for a large Baltimore-based consulting firm; then she spent six years at MDE as a permit reviewer in the Nontidal Wetlands Division. Danielle is well aware of the JPA pitfalls and the process at MDE. In addition, ESD's Dan O'Leary is qualified to perform hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling for waterway impact and dam safety elements of Waterway Construction Permit approvals, elements of JPAs for projects affecting State- and Federally-regulated waterways, floodplains and / or dams. Danielle's and Dan's combined experience with MDE and the USACE JPA can help your project move forward without spinning wheels. Danielle and Dan are available through ESD Associates to preview JPAs and advise clients about successful project approaches and completeness, as well as to develop complete JPA packages for submittal.